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Aramid Needle Punched Felts

Aramid needle punched felts come in two classes: meta-aramid and pera- aramid. Aramid is a man-made high-performance fiber, with molecules characterized by relatively rigid polymer chains. These molecules are linked by strong hydrogen bonds that transfer mechanical stress very efficiently, making it possible to use chains of relatively low molecular weight. Aramid fibers share some general characteristics that distinguish them from other synthetic fibers:
  • High Strength
  • Good resistance to organic solvents
  • Non-conductive
  • No melting point
  • Low flammability
  • Good fabric integrity at elevated temperatures

Meta Aramid

Meta-aramid fibers do not ignite, melt, or drip. They retain their mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. Even though meta-aramid fibers have higher tensile strength and lower thermal conductivity than many FR fibers, they are soft to handle and processes similarly to conventional fibers.


Due to their rigid molecular structure, pera-aramid fibers have a high tenacity, tensile modulus, and resistance to heat. Para-aramid fibers have similar operating temperatures to meta-aramid fibers, but have 3 to 7 times higher strength and modulus. This makes them ideal for reinforcement and protective applications.

Precursor Carbon Felt

Polyacrylonitrile fibers (PAN) will not burn, melt, soften, or drip. PAN fibers are extremely heat and flame resistant (up to 1800˚F), with low thermal conductivity. PAN fibers also have high electrical resistance and mechanical strength.

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