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Slitting Capabilities

  • Narrow widths of felt from 1/8 inch up to 76 inches wide
  • Thicknesses from .005 to 3 inch felts, foams, cork, and many other non-metallic materials
  • Felts or foams with pressure-sensitive adhesive in acrylic, rubber, and high-temperature resistant acrylics
  • Extra long roll lengths to increase their efficiencies on either 1 ½ inch or 3 inch spools
  • Our computerized equipment offers tight tolerances as well as multiple slit widths per master roll

Available Materials & Common Uses:

Meta-aramid (nomex): used for high temperature applications where good thermal resistance is needed.
Para-aramid (Kevlar): used for high temperature applications where good thermal and abrasive resistance is needed.
Polyacrylonitrile (Pan): used for applications where extremely high temperature and flame resistance is required. Plus this product is non-electrically conductive.
Polyester: Used for general insulation applications where temperatures do not exceed 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit.
Polypropylene: Used for general insulation applications that require very low moisture regain and oil absorption.
Rayon: Used for display applications in jewelry and other retail venues.
Wool: Used for wiping, wicking of fluids, design and insulation applications
Acrylic: Used for craft or decorative applications.

Services Available

Our experienced professionals can help engineer the proper textile for your application. Custom packing is available. Contact us for pricing.

Cut to Specifications

Our stripping is available in a variety of S.A.E. felt grades and materials. Simply provide us with your required dimensions and we will cut to your specifications.

Cut to Various Thicknesses

Felt Stripping can be cut into .005 inch to 3 inch thicknesses for a variety of densities and materials. Felt stripping is available in 1/8 inch to 76 inch widths.

Adhesive Backing

Felt stripping is available with rubber and acrylic-based adhesive backing for a variety of felts, foams, cork, and other non-metallic materials. Specific transfer tape can be applied upon request.

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