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We meet your requirements
today, so you will be our
customer tomorrow.

About Us

We meet your requirements today, so you will be our customer tomorrow.

Buffalo Felt Products started in 1977 with meager means and big dreams! Our focus was to build relationships with smaller industrial-based companies that we could grow with over time. As time progressed we kept the foundation of our core business in pressed wool felts and slowly engaged in producing needle-punched non-woven materials in all types of synthetic and natural fibers.

Together with our customers, we are expanding our product line far beyond our original expectations so we can help our customers with the most suitable products for their applications. Our focus and vision over the past decades have led to upgrades in our manufacturing, converting, and computer technologies to elevate our production and customer service.

We sincerely value our customers. That is why we are dedicated to instant and attentive service, returning customer messages as quickly a possible. Our goal is to provide efficient delivery while resolving any issues that may arise. This ensures we always forge quality relationships with our customers today so they are still our customers tomorrow.

We can now say through our experience and hard work we can meet the demands and future needs of our customers no matter the size, market, or location of their company.

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